The mission of the Armenian Church Youth of Australia (ACYA) is to develop the youthful face of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Australia and conduct programs for Armenian youth and young adults to bond to the Armenian Church.

Its purpose is to attract our youth and help them learn and practice the principles and teachings of Christian faith according to the doctrines and traditions of the Armenian Apostolic Church in order that they will engage in the life of our Church.

The activities of the ACYA have varied over the years from cultural and sporting groups to Bible study and fellowship groups. Social gatherings on feast days and collaborative partnerships with other community youth groups are also encouraged to bring youth together.

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Current Activities for Youth

Monthly Juniors & Seniors Events

Activities and events are organised throughout the year to encourage Armenian youth to come together …..


For those who love to sing  and have a desire to learn the sacred hymns and worship mantra of our Church, joining a choir is a meaningful way to participate in church life.

The Karasoun Mangounk Choir welcomes teens and younger children to join and the Vartanants Choir caters for adults of all ages, young and older.

Church Youth Days

These days are designated to get youth actively involved in Sunday worship services both spiritually and purposefully.

Generally on the first Sunday of each month when the Vartanants Choir is scheduled to partake in the Divine Liturgy, the day is devoted to youth to prompt group attendance and to undertake church duties generally assigned to church councillors.

The concept of the day is to also engage youth in fellowship with one another in after church activities.

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