Christmas in July – Fellowship Gathering

On Friday 26 July, a casual evening of fellowship brought together the servants of our Church in a warm atmosphere in the Edgarian hall created with the theme of Christmas in July. The purpose of such occasions is to strengthen the bonds among those who serve closely and passionately in our sacred Church.

Bishop Najarian presided over the evening enlightening everyone with a message on the celebrations of Christmas both in the universal church and the Armenian Church. As the spirit of Christmas is the expression of love, it should be celebrated not only on the nominated church calendar dates but every day of the year. With four official dates prescribed – 25 December, 6 January (Eastern Christianity), 7 January (Gregorian calendar), 19 January (Julian calendar) – Christmas in July has now become a fifth notable occasion for celebration in Australia. The evening was filled with great joy and high spirits as everyone joined in carol singing, games and lively discussions.

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