An evening of great joy, unity and friendship on Saturday 2 December when the annual Church Family Dinner was held to appreciate the voluntary service of the many servants of Holy Resurrection Church and to strengthen relations between all.

However the evening was more of a celebration than simply a dinner with the primary focus on the dedication and servitude of Parish Council Chairman, Mr Bedros Zorlu. He was celebrated for his 80th birthday and 30 years of service as a Parish Councillor.

Attributing his instilled passion for the church by his grandmother from early in his childhood, he also acknowledged the deep values of his Armenian identity by his father when he had moved to Australia in 1981. He had left Istanbul with his family passing on his devotion to an Armenian Christian identity to his children and grandchildren.

He was honoured for his humble yet tireless involvement with the Armenian Church through his various roles serving on the altar, singing in the choir and taking part in the Parish Council.