Ordination of Three Acolytes

On Sunday 24 January, three young parishioners were ordained to the rank of acolyte by the Primate of the Diocese, His Eminence Archbishop Aghan Baliozian. Vahag Vartan-Boghossian, Patrick Abolakian and Garren Pezikian have been serving diligently in the Church of Holy Resurrection as altar servers taking part in morning services and Divine Liturgy regularly on Sundays over the past few years. As the young men knelt humbly before the clergy at the foot of the altar, they were granted the four rights of their rank as part custodians of the church.

Following the ceremony, the Primate praised the commitment and devotion of these three young men to the Church with the hope that their exemplary stance will inspire and motivate others in the community.

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Divine Liturgy