Feast of the Discovery of the Holy Cross

The Feast of the Discovery of the Holy Cross will be celebrated on Sunday 24 October 2021


Celebrating the Feast of the Holy Translators on Sunday 10 October 2021


The Season of Advent commences for a 50 day period on Sunday 21 November 2021


Celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord during the 50 day period between Easter to Pentecost


The Feast of Hokekaloust will take place on Sunday 23 May 2021

Feast of the Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin

The Divine Liturgy will be celebrated @ 10:30am on 6 June 2021

Holy Thursday Badarak and Lunch

Holy Thursday Badarak will take place on 1 April @ 10:30am followed by a Lenten Meal in the Edgarian Hall. Please register your attendance in advance

Holy Thursday

Join us on 1 April 2021 for Holy Thursday services, including Khavaroum

Holy Thursday Services

Evening services commence @ 6:30pm with “Vodnlava” followed by “Khavaroum” @ 8pm

Good Friday Services

Good Friday services will take place on 2 April 2021 commencing @ 11am