Easter Saturday

The beautiful Jrakalouyts service will take place on Saturday 16 April starting with prayers @ 4:30pm

Easter Sunday

Celebrate the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord with us on Sunday 17 April starting @ 10am

Remembrance Day

The Blessing of the Graves and Requiem Service will take place at Macquarie Park Cemetery on Monday 18th April

The 50 day period of Hinoonk

Join us to celebrate the 50 day period of Hinoonk between Easter and Pentecost

Hesgoom during the Great Lent

The Hesgoom (Vigil) Lenten services continue to be held each Friday with prayers for peace & rest coupled with a thought invoking Biblical teaching

Michink on the Lawns

On Sunday 20 March 2022, we celebrated the prelude to the Median of Great Lent, Michink, with a special Coffee on the Lawns service

Commemorating Vartanants with our Schools

On Thursday 24 February 2022, the Commemoration of Vartanants took place with the participation of AGBU Alexander Primary School and Hamazkaine Arshak and Sophie Galstaun College Sydney students, who received Holy Communion

Commemoration of St Sahak Bartev

Marking the 6th Sunday of the Nativity, we observed the commemoration of the Pontiff St Sahak Bartev on Sunday 20 February 2022.

Soorp Sarkis & Diarent’arach Celebrations

On Sunday 13 February 2022, the Church of Holy Resurrection celebrated the dual Feasts of Soorp Sarkis and Diarent’arach.

Great Lent: Arevakal & Hesgoom Services

The Arevakal and Hesgoom timetable will take place during the period of Great Lent