Lent: Expulsion Sunday

Sunday 21 February is Expulsion Sunday. Sin enters our lives preventing us from experiencing the best of life and God’s fullness

Lent: Prodigal Sunday

Sunday 28 February is Prodigal Sunday. No matter how much we stray from the good of life, there is always hope through God’s Love and Forgiveness

Lent: Sunday of the Steward

Sunday 7 March is Steward Sunday. Managing the talents and gifts given to us by God in a life of purpose and responsibility

Lent: Sunday of the Judge

Sunday March 14 is Sunday of the Judge. Prayer and perseverance; having constant communion with God is revealed through an unjust and unrighteous judge who is the centre of this day’s message

Great Lent: Advent

Sunday 21 March is Advent. Christ returns to Earth to judge the living and the dead

Palm Sunday

Join us for Children’s Day this Sunday 28 March 2021

Holy Thursday Badarak and Lunch

Holy Thursday Badarak will take place on 1 April @ 10:30am followed by a Lenten Meal in the Edgarian Hall. Please register your attendance in advance

Holy Thursday

Join us on 1 April 2021 for Holy Thursday services, including Khavaroum

Holy Thursday Services

Evening services commence @ 6:30pm with “Vodnlava” followed by “Khavaroum” @ 8pm

Good Friday Services

Good Friday services will take place on 2 April 2021 commencing @ 11am