The spirit of dedication and devotion in the church is the fruit of Christian faith. This spirit takes all shapes and forms among the community of believers and each plays its part in building up the body of the church. It is with this profound dedication and love that our church in Australia started and continues today. So once a year, we honour the memories of those founding fathers of the church in Australia, benefactors and servants who have left a lasting legacy.
The annual requiem to honour their memories was held on Sunday 28 August 2022, in the Church of Holy Resurrection presided by His Eminence Archbishop Najarian. Following the church service the Archbishop received the families of the deceased in the Diocesan Centre where Hokesoorj was served by Ladies Guild members.
On the same day, during the Divine Liturgy, Archbishop Najarian also blessed a number of articles dedicated to the Church of Holy Resurrection. Mr and Mrs Jack and Rita Nercessian and their son Patrick, donated a processional cross and embroidered slippers for the deacons, and Miss Nyree Janoian embroidered scarves for the faithful ladies. Archbishop Najarian blessed the donors and the gifts, explaining the meaning of gifting was giving back to God what He has blessed us with, and expressed hope that the legacy of our benefactors will be continued by their children and grandchildren.