Blessing of the Grapes

On Sunday 31 January, the Blessing of Grapes took place following the Divine Liturgy on the lawns of the Church of Holy Resurrection. The service was presided by the Primate, His Eminence Archbishop Aghan Baliozian.

The custom of blessing grapes can be traced back to the Old Testament when offering the first fruits to God was customary practice. Grapes had a special place of honour because they were the first produce of harvest.

With the birth of Jesus, these dedications took on a new meaning as the first born – or first fruit – of Mary, he was offered to God in the temple. (Luke 2:25-30)

This Blessing of Grapes is celebrated nearing the end of the summer and beginning of harvest.  It is traditional to use seedless grapes to emphasise that this fruit came into being without seed just as Christ became man without any human agent.

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