Blessing of the Grapes (Khaghoghorhnek) took place at the Church of Holy Resurrection on Sunday 27 January 2019 following the Divine Liturgy. The celebrant on the day was Reverend Father Bartev Karakashian.

A beautiful sunny day greeted the clergy, deacons, Karasoun Mangounk Choir and parishioners as they followed the procession out to the lawns where the blessing took place.

The tradition dates back to Old Testament times when grapes, the first fruit of the harvest were offered to God for thanksgiving, acknowledging dependency on Him and His provision.

The grapes were kindly donated by the parishioners, a sacred practice carried out with faith and reverence.

This year the event was Live streamed on Facebook to enable more parishioners to partake in the Divine Liturgy

Second Sunday after Nativity Divine Liturgy and Blessing of the Grapes – Khaghoghorhnek Celebrant: Rev. Fr Bartev Karakashian Bartev Kahana Karakashian

Posted by Armenian Apostolic Church of Holy Resurrection Sydney Australia on Saturday, 26 January 2019