On Sunday 8 November 2015 on the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, a memorial khachkar was installed in Beauchamp Park. The unveiling and blessing ceremony was presided by Bishop Haigazoun Najarian in Armenian and English, with the participation of the church clergy and deacons.

The Karasoun Mangounk Children’s Choir sang the Armenian and Australian anthems, led by Deacon Vartan Elmasian.
His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian delivered his address in English as did the Willoughby City Mayor, official delegates, a youth and senior representative from the Armenian community, all praising the constant will of the Armenian people, to sustain the Armenian character and national pride, evident by supporting the erection of the Memorial on this distant land – as a reminder reminiscent of ‘an unceasing bell-toll’; to remember our 1.5 million holy martyrs, who fell victim to the inhumane, unspeakable atrocities, at the hand of the Ottoman empire because of their unwavering Christian faith and unity.

The khachkar was produced by renowned craftsman Mr Varaztad Hambardzumyan, and imported from the homeland, Armenia.
After the ceremony, the people made their way to the Edgarian Hall of the Church of Holy Resurrection, where a reception was held. The Willoughby City Mayor rose to speak as did other dignitaries, all praising the work. The Khachkar craftsman, Mr Hambardzumyan spoke, giving an explanation of the engraving process, which was projected on screen. Mr Stepan Kerkyasharian delivered an address, translating the words of the craftsman in English. The Primate delivered his stirring message, before the memorable event was drawn to a close.

Immense honour is raised to the selfless souls of our holy martyrs.