His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian was in Melbourne on the weekend of 9-10 September 2017 to attend the opening of the new and imposing tower developed by the Coptic Orthodox Church in Australia. The 44-storey skyscraper in the heart of Melbourne, named the Eporo Tower (meaning King of Peace), includes a large and impeccably decorated church, a bookstore, a dining hall, conference rooms, facilities for a theological college, residential apartments and the offices of the Coptic Diocese in Melbourne.

The inauguration was held on Sunday 10th, officiated by His Holiness Pope Tawdros II, the Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church who was visiting Australia for the first time. Bishop Najarian was among a large number of religious and secular guests including dignitaries from Egypt.  He was accompanied by Parish Councillors from St Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church.