On 29 July 2018, following Holy Mass, benefactors of the Diocesan Centre, Mr and Mrs Loris and Sonia Kanjian, accompanied by their children, Mr and Mrs Phillip and Aline Kanjian and Mr and Mrs Zaven and Marianne Yaghljian, visited the recently completed Centre. The Primate, Diocesan Council Chairman Sarkis Der Bedrossian, Vice Chairman Stepan Kerkyasharian and Diocesan Council member Kevork Tchaprazian, Properties Committee Chairman Armen Baghdasarayan and Chancellor Nishan Basmajian greeted the guests.

Bishop Najarian with Kevork Tchaprazian guided the benefactors through the building and its surrounds. Loris Kanjian, an engineer by profession, had served on the Properties Committee as treasurer, and Mrs Kanjian spoke highly of the quality standards of the building. On this happy occasion Mr Kanjian donated a beautiful artwork painted specially for this visit. The painting symbolises the painful history of our Christian Homeland, the Genocide, our Demands, Armenia’s current majesty and glorious future.

Refreshments were served by the Diocesan Ladies Guild who prepared the fine array adorning the tables. Bishop Najarian accompanied by Reverend Father Norayr Patanian, blessed the food and in his welcome made note that this is the first function to take place in the Diocesan Centre and the first function hosted by the Ladies Guild.

He thanked the benefactors, who recognised the needs of the Centre, donating 400,000 dollars to the building project. He also thanked the Diocesan Council, Properties Committee and all volunteer workers, in the areas of construction, fund raising and or administration; as well as the Ladies, who not only prepared but also served the fine cuisine.

In his address, Chairman Sarkis Der Bedrossian wished the benefactors good health and expressed his joy that in their advanced years, Loris and Sonia Kanjian possessed sharp minds and young spirits; thankful for the princely donation, the result of a deep awareness of the Diocesan mission.
Mr and Mrs Kanjian in turn, expressed their appreciation to all individuals who contributed to the success of this project. It had always been their desire to see the Diocesan Centre as a single building, and hence today, their dream had become a reality. The Armenian Church Radio Program Co-ordinator Mrs Marina Tchaprazian conducted an interview with Mr and Mrs Kanjian, which was broadcast during the evening’s 6pm Voice of the Armenian Church radio program.
Mr and Mrs Kanjian presented the last tranche of their pledged donation to the Primate. After an enjoyable two-hour gathering, they were to return to their homes with contented hearts, wishing goodwill upon the Diocesan Centre which is the pillar of our community.