Baroness Caroline Cox

On Sunday, 17 October a gathering was held in the Edgarian Hall to meet, greet and hear Baroness Caroline Cox on her mission work and advocacy of Armenians in Karabagh. Her graciousness to visit the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Australia during her busy schedule in Australia to launch HART-Australasia (Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust) was warmly welcomed and deeply appreciated by those gathered who could only be inspired by her passion and tenacity to support aid projects for those in need particularly to fellow Armenians in Karabagh. She also highlighted her strong support for the self-determination of Armenians in Nagorno-Karabagh and called for worldwide community action in light of current threats to the people of the region.

“We cannot do everything, but we cannot do nothing” – this message resonated clearly among all who were present.

Baroness Cox of Queensbury is a defender of human rights in the House of Lords, United Kingdom, as well as a prominent educationalist and author. She is heavily involved with international humanitarian and human rights endeavours which among the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabagh also include the oppressed in Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda, Russia, India, Thailand, Burma and East Timor.

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