On Friday 11 September 2015, the church and community representatives gathered in the Edgaian Hall to tribute the 30th anniversary celebration of Reverend Father Norayr Patanian’s ordination into the priesthood.
The jubilee evening was presided over by the Primate His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian, with a gathering of 130 guests, gathered to honour Father Norayr. Present at the function were newly-appointed parish priest to the church of Holy Trinity Very Reverend Father Nerses Harutyunyan, Father Bartev Karakashian, Father Avetis Hambardzumyan, Church Deacons, Choir members, Diocesan and Church Council members, Armenian community, cultural, welfare and social group representatives as well as family and relatives of Father Norayr.
The presenter during the evening was Yereckin Hasmik Hambardzumyan, who expressed heartfelt well wishes and read Father Norayr’s biography.
Following the Lord’s Prayer and the blessing of the meal, Church Council Chairman Mr Bedros Zorlu delivered his heartfelt sentiments, followed by Diocesan Council Chairman Mr Sarkis Der Bedrossian who also congratulated Father Norayr on the milestone commemoration.
Father Nerses Harutyunyan conveyed his personal congratulations before reading the message addressed to Father Norayr from His Holiness Karekin II Supreme Patriach and Catholicos of All Armenians.
A musical program of instrumental performance and singing by the Mouradian cousins and sisters followed with Mrs Lilit Minasian performing ‘Davigh’ with her unique melodic tones.
Father Norayr’s grand-daughters Lara and Anita Keshishian were invited to take the stage, reciting poetry, to the impressed delight of their audience.
Father Avetis Hambardzumyan delivered his heartfelt address and read an interesting allegory illustrating the significance of service in the priesthood.
Deacon Nishan Basmajian delivered his sincere message and reflected the impressions on his first meeting with Father Norayr.
Father Avetis invited Father Norayr to take to the stage when he reflected on the value of his call to the priesthood, into the life of the church and the people and thanked all present, concluding with his rendition of the patriotic song Giligia
And finally, Bishop Najarian was invited to deliver his message, heartfelt and encouraging, emphasising the requirements of service in the priesthood, and congratulating Father Norayr on the 30 years of labour in the ministry in service to God and the Church. His Grace affirmed the value of the Call into the priesthood with words of praise and encouragement, concluding with fatherly and caring sentiments.
A cake marking the occasion was brought to the fore, cut by Father Norayr and Yeretsgin Sonia.
The evening closed, all leaving the hall hopeful that our people will remain steadfast, with love for the church, to remain steadfast as a people and to our culture and values, with an onus to serve, and to declare ‘Heavenly King, Keep Your Church Steadfast’.