On Sunday 8 October 2017 @ 6pm, ACYA held a Dusk Service primarily aimed at educating the younger members of our community on the Soorp Badarak. Reverend Father Hambardzumyan was the celebrant and His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian gave the sermon.

Isabelle Marcarian commenced the service with a brief introduction on the history of the Soorp Badarak, explaining that the text has remained more constant than other church services in existence today. We further learnt that the heart of the Soorp Badarak is based on the events of the Last Supper.

Isabelle then proceeded to described each part of the Soorp Badarak before the service began.

The second and third parts of the Badarak were performed, including the Liturgy of the Word (Jashoo Bashdon) and The Eucharist (Havadatselots Badark), with the participation of the Karasoun Mangounk Children’s Choir.

Srpazan Hayr’s sermon was insightful providing a further narrative into the Soorp Badarak including a wonderful display of why it was comparatively longer than other services.

The successful evening was rounded off with refreshments being served in the Edgarian Hall with the fellowship of the service continuing amongst the participants.

This much awaited initiative by the ACYA will continue with further educational Dusk Services taking place throughout the year.