Congratulations to our young ACYA members for a well-researched and simply presented explanation of the Divine Liturgy in English. God bless you all for your faith and passion. Thank you Srpazan Hayr for your encouragement of our youth and this initiative. Our Badarak is a beautiful expression of worship and communion with God when we become participants, not just spectators

It was wonderful to welcome community members of all ages who were very appreciative of ACYA’s efforts with such positive comments and feedback.

Whilst the Divine Liturgy was conducted by Srpazan Hayr as the celebrant, dressed in priestly and not episcopal garments, the youth narrated the various parts of the Badarak at intervals, explaining what was going on and the sacred significance of each section.

As this was an educational service, the celebrant did not actually bless the bread and wine for communion to demonstrate the covenant of the Body and Blood of Christ instituted by Jesus himself. Instead, the congregation was led to understand the deep reverence of the Eucharist and its profound meaning.

The service was streamed live for the full duration on the ACYA Facebook page including Bishop Najarian’s concluding message. Some 700 views were recorded by the finish mark and more than 2,500 over the following days.

It is our hope that in time, the Dusk Service can become more regular.

To view the full Dusk Service, please visit the Church YouTube page at:

Click here to view the Outline of the Badarak presented by the ACYA.