In the spirit of Christmas, a group of ACYA members together with Father Avetis Hambardzumyan visited the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse on Wednesday 18 December 2019, to sing a few Christmas Carols in Armenian and English.

As a world renowned centre offering all the services a cancer patient may need under one roof, the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse was chosen by the ACYA team, sensitive to dear members within the Holy Resurrection Church community that have been affected by cancer. As Tatiana Bedikian expressed, “While the visit was challenging for the youth, it was most definitely a rewarding experience. How thankful we were to share the festive spirit of Christmas to those at the Lifehouse. We hope that our voices travelled throughout – into the rooms, theatres, the clinics and beyond. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those individuals and their families over this festive season.”

By their actions, the youth demonstrated the profound message of Christmas that it is a time of giving with love – giving of themselves with their time, talent and treasure.