The first Sunrise service during Lent of 2023 took place in all Armenian Apostolic Churches in Australia on Sunday 26 February 2023.

Following the service in the Diocese’s Mother Church of Holy Resurrection, the newly elected Committee of the Armenian Church Youth Auxiliary (ACYA) received the blessing of Archbishop Najarian. The Committee compromises of the following youth: Mihran Sarkissian Chair-person, Aleen Yapoudjian Vice-Chairperson, Mylena Kelzi Secretary, Aree Yapoudjian Treasurer, Narod Oranjian Public Relations, with sub-committee members Ritta Wanessian Membership and Boghos Keleshian ACYA Junior Officer.

Reciting their oath, the youth promised to fulfil the duties placed on their shoulders with unconditional dedication, to follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and to uphold the faith traditions of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The Archbishop conveyed his good wishes and congratulated the newly formed Committee, offering them his unconditional support.