On Friday 14 December the Edgarian Hall was buzzing with excitement as Father Christmas was expected to visit our senior citizens at the Armenian Community Welfare Centre (ACWC). The day coincided with the retirement of the ACWC Aged Day Care Co-ordinator Mrs Azniv Iskenderian, after 37 years of service; also Mrs Iskenderian’s 70th birthday. On this occasion, the Primate, parish priests Fathers Bartev Karakashian and Avetis Hambardzumyan, Diocesan Council Chairman Mr Sarkis Der Bedrossian, ACWC Management Committee Chairman Mr Stepan Kerkyasharian, members Mrs Zepur Mouradian, Ms Sona Berberian, Mr Papken Zarzavatjian, Mr Dickran Fabricatorian, Parish Council Chairman Mr Bedros Zorlu, the Chancellor, Yeretsgin Hasmik Hambardzumyan who succeeds Mrs Iskenderian as well as her family and relatives joined in the festivity.

The MC for the afternoon was ACWC Activities Co-ordinator Mrs Marina Tchaprazian who more than capability ensured it was an entertaining time for the participants starting with Father Christmas distributing gifts. Mr Stepan Kerkyasharian invited Sarkis Der Bedrossian, the Reverend Fathers, Mr Bedros Zorlu, the Chancellor and Mr Boghos Baliozian to share their sentiments from the heart, commending Mrs Iskenderian’s merits and the work she accomplished over the years for the benefit of the Armenian community. Heartfelt, moving feelings were expressed by Mrs Iskenderian, thanking and conveying her gratitude to the Bishop, the Management Committee, her former and current colleagues, volunteers and the seniors. A member of the seniors’ group, Mr Toros Mozian rose to express his thoughts also.

Bishop Najarian extended his appreciation of Mrs Iskenderian’s contributions, recognising the vision of the late Archbishop Aghan of blessed memory and achievements for the benefit of ACWC; stating with certainty that although Mrs Iskenderian was leaving her position, he was confident that we would benefit from her continued association and support.