The Annual General Meeting of the Church Ladies Auxiliary was held on the afternoon of Sunday 27 June 2021, in the Edgarian hall presided by Parish Pastor Reverend Father Avetis Hambardzumyan with the participation of Church Council ACLA Liaison Mr Vasken Amirzaian and 21 Auxiliary members.

The meeting tabled the annual ACLA activities and financial reports which reflected the impact of the Covid restrictions on the normal activities of the ACLA throughout 2020.

Of the members attending the following were elected to serve on the 2021 ACLA Committee: –

Mrs Azniv Iskenderian – Chairperson

Mrs Rosa Nazloomian – Vice-chairperson

Mrs Alice Bakla – Secretary

Mrs Vachoohi Mardirossian – Treasurer

Mrs Liza Berberian

Ms Sonya Boghossian

Mrs Osan Boyadjian

Mrs Janet Garabedian

Mrs Romela Hacopian

Mrs Rima McCampbell

Mrs Nazig Shirvanian

Mrs Ofik Tomassian

On behalf of the Church Council we take this opportunity to congratulate the re-elected committee members and new incumbents Mrs Liza Berberian and Mrs Osan Boyadjian who recently joined the ACLA wishing them all a joyous year of service together. At the same our deep appreciation is extended to outgoing committee members Mrs Florance Gasparian and Ms Nouritza Avakian for their commitment and dedicated years of service.