A New Era For Looyce ??
One of the first tasks of the pioneer priest, Father Assoghig Ghazarian, who set the foundations for the Armenian Church in Australia, was to start the publication of a church news bulletin in 1955. He called it Looyce, meaning Enlightenment, and produced it bilingually in Armenian and English every two months with a group of loyal helpers.
The editorship was passed on to Father Aramais Mirzaian when he arrived in Sydney in 1958 and later to Father Norayr Patanian in 1985.
A priest, a preacher, a teacher, a writer, an editor, a passionate man in service to God, Archpriest Father Norayr Patanian, our longest serving priest of Holy Resurrection Church, put his heart and soul to ensure Looyce arrived in Armenian homes timely each and every month.
Methodically and precisely, Der Norayr would literally piece the pages of Looyce together, collating and photocopying articles from newspapers, cutting and pasting them to fit the framework of each issue, alongside the pages he would type up himself.
Now, after 37 years, the baton has passed on to a new editorial team led by Parish Pastor Father Avetis Hambardzumyan and Deacon Boghos Keleshian, assisted by Laura Artinian, Lena Bayramian Nazarian, and Vera Mazloumian Evanian.
There may be new faces, new ideas, a new cover and some new content behind the pages of Looyce however the spirit in which it is produced continues to be in service to God for our beloved Church with hope that articles, messages and news will enrich the lives of its readers ?
Please contact the Church Office on 9419-8056 if you are interested in subscribing to Looyce.